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QL LED applications

  1. QL LED

    The 4E concept provides conditions to all of our lighting solutions, and also to LED solutions. Our challenge is to optimize the quality of the light and to reduce the total cost of ownership of the lighting system with modern LED technology. 


    LED point source light, enables traditional lighting designers to find new solutions to maintain the light comfort for the user. An efficient, energy-saving LED luminaire can create a very ugly atmosphere. Also too much clarity in sight can be annoying to users. Recent years product developers have been focusing only on realizing highest energy efficiency(lumen/watt ratio) at lowest costs (dollar/watt ratio). Now time has come to improve the quality of lighting!


    In the LED development, the phase has come that we will start using "natural" light again. Light that unobtrusively does its work and makes the environment more pleasant and beautiful.

    That's where we, at QL Company, stand for!

    • Efficiency

      The current light output expressed in lumen / Watt ratio of our led light systems varies initially between 100 and 160 lumens per watts. The actual net result depends on the choice of led, light temperature, lens, beam width, cover, reflector and depreciation. For each product, we have chosen the top category of high quality LED manufacturers; Philips, Osram, Nichia, Cree, Xicato, Seoul, LG, Samsung.


    • Economics

      If the sharply priced lighting system consumes significantly less energy (> 50% compared to current) and really long life (5-10 years) without loss, the investment can be earned back in a few years (2-5 years).

    • Ergonomics

      Good lighting makes the room suitable for her function. More light for production workers. Less light for storage of goods. More light for example to recognize labels. Less artificial light where there is plenty of daylight. Your employees are assisted by light where necessary. Never too much and never too little. Unwitnessed, the lighting does her work.

    • Aesthetics

      The beauty of lighting is that it can make something a bit more beautiful. A led spot aimed at an object makes that object special. Lighting the facade of the property, makes the building stand out. It makes the architecture visible. Red light on a red object, is giving beautiful red. People under illumination with a high color rendering index look healthier. Of course, lighting designers also have more demands on the design of the luminaire. This also must be a decor for the interior.

Vision Engineering

QL Company is the exclusive distributor in Europe for products of Vision Engineering.

Vision Engineering is excellent in designing, developing and delivering unique lighting products that improves the well being of employees every day. The philosophy of Vision Engineering corresponds to the 4E concept of QL Company. Customers who have already seen the pendant luminaires are excited about the design, the efficiency and especially the low glare. The final, low glare, is achieved by the patented Coined Optic system.