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QL Induction applications

  1. QL Induction

    In 1991, Philips Lighting introduced the revolutionary QL lamp system. The omnidirectional electrode less lamp has an unmatched lifetime and reliability. 

    Now after 25 years over one million QL induction lamp systems have found their way to the professional lighting market! 

    The light source is widely used in public areas, such as (historical) street lighting and arrival halls but also in industrial applications, where you want to keep the number of costly maintenance activities limited.  


    In 2011, we acquired this famous product line including the production plant in Maarheeze.

    In the meantime, the system has been developed to perfection. The QL induction lighting system provides an almost maintenance-free service life and significant energy savings over conventional HID lamps. 

    Based on 4,000 burn hours per year, this reliable light source can function properly for 20 years. 


    In 2012, QL Company realized its biggest project by supplying all new 35000 street lights of San Diego (USA) 

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    QL Induction


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