Compact, lightweight, high-frequency QL system for fluorescent induction lamps. Offers electrodeless technology with an amazing 100,000 hours rated average life.


  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • Design freedom
  • Flicker-free start, ideal for areas with high switching frequency.
  • Low energy consumption
  • Constant light, independent of mains voltage fluctuations


  • High reliability - instant hot and cold (re) start.
  • Ultra Long Life - 100,000 hours RAL*
  • 80 CRI and choice of color temperature.
  • Electronic HF Generator
  • Crisp white light with no color shift.
  • Amalgam controlled vapor pressure.
  • High lumen output - 165W QL features 12,000 initial lumens.
  • Available in 55, 85 and 165 watts.
  • Automatic latch off within 5 seconds in case of failure (safety stop)


  • General lighting, indoor en outdoor lighting especially for places with much traffic of passengers like arrival and departures in airports, railway stations and car parkings.
  • Ideal for city lighting like decorative street lighting, bridges and tunnels, and illumination of road way signs and advertisement boards.
  • Industry hazardous areas like petrochemical industry, cold-storage rooms and hard-to-reach applications. For instance off-shore. QL is often used in explosion-proof luminaires.