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Bannatynes gym refurbishment

The Bannatynes group are undergoing a 2 year gym refurbishment scheme throughout it’s 64 UK locations whereby Environment Lighting Ltd are replacing the gym high bays.


The existing high bays are equipped with 400W Metal halides and mounted approximately 3-4 meters above the gym floor. They have had issues with heat management and high on going maintenance and energy costs. 

Environment Lighting will provide and install new high bays with 85W QL induction lamps (4000K). This gives good light coverage and a light source which is comfortable to look at when doing exercises in the gym.


The savings on energy and maintenance costs are massive. As an example, the Folkestone gym has 22pcs 400W Metal halides consuming 8,8 kWh for 16 hours a day. The gym is open 362 days per year which equates to € 6.800 per annum in running costs excluding maintenance. By installing 22pcs 85W QL high bays this reduces to 1,87 kWh which equates to € 1.400 annual running costs and zero maintenance.