Tunnel lighting control

Optimal and safe lighting at the entrance, exit and

throughout the tunnel can optimize the flow of traffic

and reduce transit time up to 25%. Traditional tunnel

lighting controls can be used to pre-schedule a lighting

scheme to optimize luminosity. The latest tunnel lighting

controls are able to monitor luminaires individually and

can be configured based on outside luminosity. This will

provide even a better comfort for motorists while improving safety for tunnel users and offers an important energy



How does it work?
Luminance camera helps to reduce the black hole effect

at the tunnel entrance. It sends a signal to a network

controller, which adjusts the lumen level at the entrance

and inside the tunnel. The  illuminescence camera reads

the real lumen level inside the tunnel, which can vary due

to dirt accumulation on the luminaire. The camera sends

the signal to the network controller, which dynamically

adjusts the lumen level inside the tunnel as per transport regulations.The most advanced solution addresses lamps individually by turning them on and off, as well as controls and supervises lamp status and consumption.