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Retrofit QL induction
There are two directions approaching a lighting project, replace the entire luminaires or relamp the existing luminaires. If the luminaires are just fine and you are looking for a more energy efficient solution, retrofitting can be a perfect solution. Improving the light performance with a small budget is feasible.


QL Induction retrofit is perfect to replace your old high wattage HID solution. Induction lighting last five times longer than traditional HID lighting and maintenance costs will decrease drastically. QL retrofit offers a virtually maintenance free operation and an ultra long life up to 100,000 hours. It is easy to install the induction retrofit kit into existing luminaires and initial costs can be reduced by up to 50%, compared to the costs of an entire redesign. Relamping is also less disruptive, most kits can be installed while the luminaires remain in place. In many retrofit cases a ROI between 2 to 3 years is realistic.


QL Company is able to give custom made advise on retrofitting projects based on your existing luminaires. 


• Moderate investment (only retrofit materials and labour)
• ROI 2-3 years (fast payback)
• Improve energy efficiency
• Ultra long life (100,000 hours)
• Virtually maintenance free operation



Mercury-vapor lamps

• Metal-halide lamps

• Ceramic lamps

• High Pressure Sodium lamps