Street Lighting


San Diego

The City of San Diego has decided to upgrade 80% of the city’s street lights to energy-efficient fixtures that produce a whiter light that is more like sunlight. 

More than 35,000 induction technology street light fixtures, using broad band light technology, will replace the old sodium vapour lamps.The new light fixtures will make colours easier to see at night because they produce a broader light spectrum than sodium vapours. 

The city chose induction lighting over LED lamps because a 20-year life-cycle study showed broad band induction lights saved more energy, were less expensive and provided better light. The retrofit project began Sept. 2011 and will reduce electricity consumption by 16 million annual kilowatt-hours of each year, yielding a corresponding carbon-emission reduction of more than 12,000 tons yearly. 

“This is great for San Diego from every perspective,” Mayor Sanders said. The city will save $2.2 million annually from reduced energy and maintenance costs, and the higher-quality light will make our neighbourhoods safer.







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