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Newcastle University
Ceiling lighting at the five storeys high entrance hall of Newcastle’s

University is a maintenance manager’s worst nightmare. If a lamp

fails you can’t use a ladder, a cherry picker or even a scaffolding.

Specifying lights to illuminate the entrance hall of Kingsgate Building

was a big challenge.


This was a job for our field-proven QL technology, that guarantees a

rated life of 100,000 hours (11 years continuous use). The 165W QL

induction lighting systems, housed in Gamma Illumination’s EFG

downlights, are ideal for areas where access for routine maintenance

is restricted.


QL lamps are also chosen due to it’s instant flicker-free ignition. This

has allowed Newcastle University to save a considerable amount of

energy by operating the luminaires via a daylight sensor.


 Induction lighting - Newcastle university