Other Projects

Exploratorium – California

San Francisco’s Exploratorium opened in 1969 with the emphasis on hands-on learning
and fun. Back then, ‘Don’t touch!’ signs were customary, but the Exploratorium rewrote
the rules for the stuffy museum world. Through its interactive exhibits the Exploratorium
fosters communication between people and the Bay itself.

On April 17, 2013, the Exploratorium reopened at Piers 15 and 17 on San Francisco’s Bay.
The historic interior and exterior at Pier 15 was renovated extensively to make it the largest
net-zero energy museum in the country. This means that the building generates as much
energy as it uses.

Lighting designer David Nelson was tasked with providing an environmentally-friendly
lighting solution for a site that presented a unique set of lighting challenges. The lighting
solutions are required to withstand a marine-grade environment, meet strict lighting
egress codes and provide dark-sky friendly illumination. Based on these criteria’s, David
Nelson selected WE-EF FLA700 series area floodlights to illuminate the exterior plazas.

Mounted on 18-foot high custom steel poles, FLA760s with 'side throw' optics illuminate the
exterior walkways and public areas. The luminaires are fitted with 85W QL induction lamps,
which is an efficient long-life source of illumination. The luminaires are carefully controlled
to reduce energy usage during night-time hours, yet still provide the required lighting levels
for safety purposes.