Bellahøj swimming pool

The renovated Swimming Stadium at Bellahøj opened its doors in 2009. The 50-year-old
swimming pool underwent major renovation and extension. It now provides local
community swimming facilities and is suitable for holding national and international
swimming competitions. The big swimming stadium is made up of a diving basin,
a training basin plus the first regulation size 50 meter basin in Copenhagen, complete
with changing rooms, café and bleachers with a capacity of 1200 spectators.


All the indoor swimming pools are illuminated by QL induction lighting. The QL lamps,
housed in high bay fixtures, are ideal for this application where access for routine
maintenance is restricted. If a lamp fails you can’t simply use a ladder, a cherry picker
or even a scaffolding to replace it. Long life was a key priority and QL induction lighting
was the perfect answer!

Bellahøj pool
Bellahøj pool