Interior High and Low Bay lighting
Finding a Lighting solution for heigh ceiling spaces and other High Bay facilities <12m is one of today’s greatest challenges to lighting designers. Applying QL High Bay luminaires will reduce energy- and maintenance costs significantly. On top of this QL induction lighting contributes to higher safety conditions.The QL lamp with a Ra > 80, provides a comfortable work environment.


The QL lamp is perfect to replace your old high wattage HID lamp. (High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide)


QL High Bay pendant luminaires are specially designed for areas with mounting heights over 4 meters.

Most other light sources are point-light or line-light sources.QL  Induction lamp is a omni directional-light source, which offers much bigger luminous surface and better uniformity. In general, this means you need fewer luminaires to illuminate the same space.



• Reduce energy up to 60%
• Improve safety and comfort
• Omni directional-light source
• Ra> 80
• Ultra long life (100,000 hours)