Canopy lighting

Canopy lighting consumes large amounts of electricity that contributes significantly to the running costs of service stations. Canopy luminaires with induction lighting can reduce energy consumption and create a better ambience. The lighting system can attract motorists and has no glare toward the driver. The crisp white light creates a safe and clean area. The system, with a Ra greater than 80, provides also a better licence plate recognition at security/cctv cameras.


QL Canopy lighting saves up to 60% on energy costs and even more when it is dimmed when no activity is detected. Step-less dimming from 100% to 50% of the lamp power is possible. The system also offers a virtually maintenance free operation and an ultra long life up to 100,000 hours. This makes QL Canopy lighting perfect for applications such as gas stations, parking garage and car washes.



• Low energy consumption
• Dimmable up to 50%
• Crisp white light
• Ra> 80 
• Ultra long life (100,000 hours)
• Maintenance free operation

Dimming based on:

• Motion sensor

• Ambient light sensor


Economical solution can be only exchanging the existing lamp system in the current luminaire. (Retrofit)