About Us

Mission Statement
QL Company is located in the Netherlands and produces QL Induction Systems for deliveries to customers in Europe, Middle East, Africa, USA  / Canada and Asia. We offer the highest quality of lighting with the longest lifetime and lowest maintenance costs. By producing and selling our products we want to make the world safer, more beautiful and durable. Our ambition is to be recognized by our stakeholders as “a trustworthy company setting the pace in Induction Lighting”.

Our Values

  • Live your promise: Understand the world of our customers and their customers , translate their needs and help them solve their problems by exploring every possibility before presenting the solution and not being afraid to make bold decisions and take action fast.
  • Lighting is about: Esthetics (make things look more beautiful), Economy (cost of ownership), Ergonomics (more visibility), Ecology (save the planet by using less energy)
  • Technology proven in real circumstances: QL Induction Lighting is not a fairytale, it is a proven technology

Corporate Vision

We want to play a significant role in lighting applications such as historic city centers, residential street lighting, tunnel lighting and indoor high bay solutions. We also want to secure and grow our business in hard to reach and hazardous areas, 24/7 operations and explosion proof areas.

We are aiming to achieve this with high quality QL Induction lighting as the most durable and environment friendly retrofit solution. Making sure our customers receive excellent and reliable customer service and delivery of their goods. Also the dedication of our partners is an important aspect in order to achieve our goals.


About us